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Pies, pies, pies.... seriously who DOESN'T like pie??  And Kathy's (Mama/Gramma) pies are simply to die for!!  Most of the fruit used in our pies is grown right here on our homestead or sorced from local farmers (like 5 miles down the road farmers!!)  Other pies such as pecan or pumpkin we do use store bought ingredients but always the same ones and the best quality out there.  Those ingreadients are then blended together with the skill of a craftsman and turned into some of the best tasting pies every to grace your table!!


Pies are always done in a 9" aluminum pan and are available for pick up or delivery.


**Please note that any bakery order requires at minumum 24 hrs notice for basic bakery (breads, cinnamon rolls, muffins) and may incure a rush fee.  Other bakery items require at least a 5 day notice, some exceptions apply.  Call us before ordering if you have questions!

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