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About Us


Freshness at it's Best!  We stand behind that motto 110%.  We use the freshest ingredients in our canned goods, baked goods and everything else we make.  95% of what we use is grown by us or on one of our many family/friends farms.  Anything that we can't grow we source out locally, supporting other small business owners like us!


The Arm-Jak Homestead is committed to selling high quality, natural products which are processed to the highest standard of food safety.  All items canned are either grown by us here in Marshall, or on one of our many family farms (2 in WI, 1 in FL and 1 in CA).  Any items that we can not grow or need to supplement our own harvest with, are purchased from or traded with 3 local farmers in Marshall or from a specific company that has the highest quality produce.  These items are such things as mangos and pineapple, which are not readily available on our farms.



All of our cooked and baked goods, whether sweet, sour or savory, are all made from scratch.  We firmly believe that the best way to enjoy food is through its natural flavors and blends of those same flavors.  From the small items we sell at the local farmers market, to helping you plan out a huge family gathering, graduation party or even a wedding, we use only the freshest ingredients and we won't cut corners.  We don't believe in "frilly and filler items", so when you order from us, you know you are getting nothing but edible, tasty items!  Everything that we make, we would definitely eat ourselves, and often times do!



Becky Armstrong and Kathy Jakob are a daughter - mother team who have a passion for baking, cooking, canning and gardening. 

Founded in 2010, The Arm-Jak Homestead was originally called Heder's Heritage Farms, in honor of Kathy's parents, Ken and Anne Heder.  Kathy lived in Michigan at the time, and Becky, living in Cottage Grove WI, worked the business there, while Kathy worked it out in Michigan.  In 2014, Becky was diagnosed with MS, and the Heder's Heritage Farm was put on hold.  Becky's other business, Tony Bud's Sewing, also in operation since 2010, was booming and any thought of expanding HHF was put on the back burner. 

In 2016, Kathy and Pete (Kathy's husband and Becky's father) moved back to WI and bought a house in Marshall WI, with Becky and her husband, Tim, and their 3 sons, Anthony, Brandon and Cameron.   In 2019, Becky's MS diagnosis was changed to secondary progressive, and how the sewing business ran had to be re-examined.   Heder's Heritage Farm was brought back up at that point.  The name however no longer fit.  It was renamed The Arm-Jak Homestead, a blend of Becky's and Kathy's last names, and one that included the entire family.  

That August, The Arm-Jak Homestead started out simply selling canned goods at the local farmers market.  To help supplement some of the canned goods, Kathy started making some of her zucchini breads to sell.  They sold out within 10 minutes of the market opening.  After that, baked goods became a regular staple down at the market.  

In 2020, as the world shut down due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Marshall Farmers Market became a way for people to still connect with each other, shop local businesses and still get quality locally grown produce, locally made cheeses and, yes, locally made baked goods and canned goods. In a way the pandemic helped to boost The Arm-Jak Homestead name and for people to realize that they didn't have to go far to find high quality, reasonably priced baked goods!

Jump to Spring 2022, and The Arm-Jak Homestead has now expanded from simply cinnamon rolls and coffee cakes to a wide variety of goods, including soups, full family meals, buffet spreads, customized cakes, party menu planning, gluten free/allergy free items and so many other things.

Whatever your needs are, Becky and Kathy will meet and exceed them.  They truly are Freshness at its Best!

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